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Shwmae Day Posters

Shwmae! We are Newton’s Criw Cymraeg!

Criw Cymraeg

We have achieved our Siarter Iaith Bronze Award!

What a fantastic achievement by the whole school in order to gain this award but special congratulations go to the Criw Cymraeg as without their help, direction, support and hard work, we simply would not have won the award. Diolch pawb, mae'n ardderchog!

Parents, we need your support to help us improve the amount of Welsh used by the children in the school. We have made posters to help encourage children to use the Welsh language and these are on display in the classrooms. We have discussed as a group why it is important that we are using Welsh; that we should be proud of our culture and heritage and that having a second language has lots of advantages. So, please help us to make Cymraeg cool!

Whole School Project:

Teulu Dynol

Entrance Hall

Whole School Poster