School Council

Over this academic year, the school council will be working towards a target of improving pupil voice and access to new our wellbeing program, YouHue.

They will also be creating a film to show everyone what a wonderful school we are all part of. Check this space in March 2020 to see the finished result!

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the school council focussed on fundraising and finding out about one of our school priorities, mathematics.

They worked together to devise a questionnaire using guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation to find out what the pupils in our school thought about thier maths lessons.


Here are our findings:

Areas where are doing well…

A range of practical resources are used to support learning

Calculators are used to check answers and when getting ready for tests

Teaching the children how and why we use a method and how it works

Mental maths (including tables) is taught throughout the school

Children are able to choose their own task

92% children said that we revisit learning to provide opportunities for children to apply what they’ve learnt to different situations

Areas where we need to improve…

Increase the use of practical resources: Number lines need to be used more frequently (28% said that they never used them) in order to develop a range of concepts - time, money, etc. Hundred and multiplication squares used to support calculations, especially when getting used to a new method.

From year 1, children could use calculators to check their answers - they will love doing this. From Year 3, they should use them to work out answers on a much more regular basis. They can also use them to check their answers.

Making sure that the children understand why we use methods, especially with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000. 67% of *children and 13% *** children said that you add a zero. This is mathematically incorrect and must not be taught. Do not use the YouTube video that teaches this concept as it is wrong!

30% of all children said that they only practise mental facts once a week or rarely. This has got to be every day for every child.

Provide opportunities for ** and * children to choose own tasks (only 35% said that they could in comparison with (89% of the *** children)

This information was fed into staff training for all teachers and pupils should already have seen an impact in the classrooms. The questionnaire will be repeated in June 2020 to ensure that our approach to mathematics continues to improve.

If you have suggestions for the school council see Mrs Ketcher-Murrell, any class representative or put your suggestion in the suggestion box in the school hall. Diolch yn fawr.

Bye Bye Bullying

Since 2017, the school council has worked tirelessly on an anti-bullying campaign. The logo was designed by Alice and Bobby. We still have BYE BYE BULLYING wristbands for sale for £1.50 - buy one and show your support for the campaign.